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Pierre Moulin is a French artist and art director interested in the articulation of natural forces, the transformation of materials and metaphysics. He mainly works using various mediums such as video games, 3D printing and augmented reality.
Trained at the National School of Arts at Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC) and at GOBELINS, he gravitates in the world of video games, fashion, cinema and video clips.
His recent work has notably been presented at Grand Palais Ephémère in France and Noor Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.
His biological and geological research led him to create organic fictions representing mutant, wild and romantic natural spaces.


2024____RESIDENCE EVIL : The internet is too big to be good____L’ABRI, Genève.

2023____RESIDENCE EVIL : Abri____L’ABRI, Genève.


2023____SEMER LES ECHOS____Cité Griset, France.

2023____What’s for Lunch____3537, France.

2023____Lascaux6____Tour d’Orion, France.

2022____Palais Augmenté____Noor Ryhadh, Saudi Arabia

2022____PRESS START FESTIVAL 2022___Graine De Studio____GOBELINS x Centre Pompidou

2022____From the voices emanates the child____GOBELINS, France

2021____Palais Augmenté 2021____Grand Palais Ephémère, France.

2021____PRESS START FESTIVAL 2021___Graine De Studio____GOBELINS x Centre Pompidou


2024____ Collaboration with COURREGES / Nicolas Di Felice for FALL / WINTER 2025 for the accessory.

2024____ 3D Print Workshop for Master od Design and Interactive Innovation at GOBELINS.

2023____ Collaboration with COURREGES / Nicolas Di Felice for SPRING / SUMMER 2024 for the accessory.

2023____ VFX Supervisor for the video clip of Recif by Leo Leonard.

2023____Jury for the diplomas of Bachelor Video Game for GOBELINS.

2023____Art Director & execution of the portrait of Melanie Courtinat for Vogue Czechoslovakia Magazine.

2023____VFX Supervisor for the video clip of Ruins by FRANKY GOGO.

2022____Director & VFX Supervisor for music video of The Visit by Agar Agar.

2022____Professor of New Technologies (3D Print & 3D Scan) in Bachelor Interactive Design & Video Game at GOBELINS.


2022_____Bachelor Interactive Design & Video Game____GOBELINS.

2018_____DNA (National Diploma of Art)____National School of Arts of Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC).


Unreal Engine 5____Unity


Substance Design____Painter____Alchimist

Adobe Suite