“Everything will be white tommorow” is an installation with 3D prints of interspecies organisms, salt, wax, water, plastic (...) and the result of research into hybrid environments and the biological possibilities generated by natural mutations. This piece was presented in the exhibition LASCAUX6 at La Tour d’Orion curated by Non-Etoile, Louise Covillas, Juliette Peres Emma Vallejo.

"Lascaux 6 is not an attempt to reconstruct the original cave, but the linking of several hypotheses. "The entrance to the Lascaux cave was rediscovered on September 8, 1940 by Marcel Ravidat, thanks to Robot, his dog, in pursuit of a rabbit that lives on the edge. Like Alice, Marcel follows the path of the rabbit and sinks into the burrow. Robot's flair leads to the discovery of a time portal of human history adorned with mysterious Upper Paleolithic carvings and frescoes. This enigmatic place has already been reconstructed three times since its human rediscovery: Lascaux 2 in 1983, Lascaux 3, on the occasion of a traveling exhibition and more recently, in 2016 in its fourth form. After a fifth attempt at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, the duo of fictional job curators - Sarah Lolley and Camille Velluer - residents of Non-Etoile, at the Orion Tower, invited us to think of a sixth. (…..) »