MYCELIUM is a first person psychological horror game in which we play Gregor, a mature man, affected by an unknown evil. Suffering from melancholy, strange symptoms develop gradually; ranging from mysterious coloured blemishes crossing his body to a hypersensibility to noise causing him severe migraines. In the ordeal that is his daily hubbub, he gradually realizes that an echo foreign to his environment is being heard, echoes that seem to call him mysteriously. Hopeless, he goes looking for the source, using his exaggerated hearing to reach the edge of an immense chasm hidden in the middle of the mountains. Going inside, he finds an underground forest with odd properties. Gregor then discovers an enigmatic continent composed of mutated landscapes and creatures, both disturbing and bewitching, threatening both his life and his mental health. But why do these extraordinary mutations seem so familiar to him? And where can these terrible echoes come from?

Concetps and screens Ingame Made in Unreal Engine 5 with flowers, plants, mineral and insects scans.

         Nino Filiu
Alex Sinh Nguyen
Octave Magescas