The disintegration of Odile is a short movie directed by Pierre Moulin & Yannis Briki. Isolated from the rest of the world, Odile, an unhappy and unbalanced teenager lives with her parents in her house lost in the middle of nowhere. Her only hobby is her computer in which she can escape from her daily life for a few hours a day. Odile is an abused child, suffering parental intrusion on a daily basis. The universe takes place inside Odile's psyche, her reality being biased by her mental state, we offer a dark, satirical and cartoonish imagery in the image of her character's psyche. Our intention is to create a contrast between the blissful world of the parents and that of Odile, dark and vengeful. Odile's unconscious offers us on screen two disturbing figures transformed into humanoid monsters. Enraged, the infernal child decides to premeditate the murder of his parents, with a lot of humor.

Production : Kiki Films_Marie Garnier
Production Director : Naël Zaiti--Ruelle
Assistant Director : Quentin Hennebelle
Chief Operator : Nicolas Pradeau
Set Designer : Laura Villey
Stylism & Costume Designer : Ugo Masseï
Assistante Stylism & Costume Designer : Léonie Deslandes
Make Up x FX : Cindy Pasqualin
Wig : Reine Mayr
Video Editor : Arthur Morard
Calibration : Yanis Aarrouf
3D Artist : Pierre Moulin
Actors : Gabi Trapier, Bree Seüss Deükouyes, Sam Lékasse
Supervisor : Jonathan Coryn
Camera Assistant : Camille Groscarret
Electrician : Léo Brunosson
Electricians : Balla Ferdinand & Jeffrey Ramananjaona
General Manager : Hortense Pradier

Paul-Anthony Mille (Filmantiq), Marie Joe Collet & Guillaume Bertrand (Cininter), Gautier About, Mélanie Courtinat, Agnès Girard, Bastien Le Gouis, Titouan Le Gouis