This piece is an interactive installation composed of a video game, sculptures and scenography created for the exhibition “SOW THE ECHOES”  curated by Emma Brisot & Salome Fau . THE WIND CARRIED IT IN ITS BELLY invites us to rethink our relationship with nature and technology. The player is transported to a virtual forest, where the actual elements of the installation are scanned and integrated in 3D. The landscape uses different types of nature, creating an eerie, hybrid and ethereal ambiance. This moving painting seeks to evoke both a feeling of anguish linked to eco-anxiety and the feeling of the sublime that a forest provides, an immeasurable space. The spectator, accompanied by a flashlight, enjoys total freedom to shape his experience in this organic fiction where each passage will be a different experience.

“Far from solastalgia, like an ode to a rediscovered order, Luna-Isola Bersanetti, Louise Le Pape and Pierre Moulin, imagine the contours of a contemporary tale where Nature and Technologies no longer clash. Within a course plunged into darkness, the spectators are included and encouraged to question themselves. Who are the owners of these stripped skins? Since when do these mysterious songs enchant space? Have you ever set foot in this mystical forest? Source of a poetic emulation, the elements organic and artificial interact in the exhibition space to the point of merging to reveal what was hidden from us. Pushing the plastic limits of Luna-Isola Bersanetti porcelain to the limits, it releases a new sound quality. Like an ancestral song to call the rain, the ceramic petals collide in a hypnotic dance, leaving a fleeting presence and an emaciated costume in an intriguing setting. Pierre Moulin through these plots of nature plays with our perception of organic and mineral forms. Sometimes strewn on the ground around us, sometimes hidden in a projected video game, it ironically questions our loss of sensitivity to nature by using new technologies. Louise Le Pape, a discreet gleaner, goes in search of the fragility of the croaking of frogs to release new sounds at the border of electronic music. His hybrid songs follow us until disturbing our senses and make us rediscover the natural poetry that emerges from the living. “Sow the echoes” seeks to create a total, sound and interactive environment, where the fictional scenario merges with reality, plunging the visitor into an ambiguous story of which he alone is the holder of the fall. - Emma Brisot and Salome Fau